Are you interested in environmental sustainability, food security and bees?

Did you know that 65% of the food that we eat is pollinated by bees? Did you know that there are many different types of bees in Australia, both native bees and European Honey bees?

All bees play a vital role in Australia’s ecosystems, biodiversity and maintaining our food security.

Do you live in Greater Sydney or the Manning Valley Local Government Area or its surrounds?

The Agrifood Industry Training Advisory Body in conjunction with the Cumberland Amateur Beekeepers Association and the NSW Apiarist Association ( Sydney Branch) will host FREE beekeeping workshops for the communities in these regions. Proudly sponsored by Stocklands.

Come and meet your local beekeepers. Come and learn about beekeeping from an international industry expert with more than 40 years of experience. Come and learn about the importance of bees to your local environment and ecosystems.

If so, save the dates:

Blacktown City Council Local Government region: Sunday 10:00am,12th December 2021:

Manning Local Government region: : details coming

Places are limited, registrations are essential for the events. If you are interested in participating please register by sending an email to or phone 0421830056 and you will be forwarded the venue details & dress requirements.

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