The National Skills Commission (NSC) has released its 2021 Skills Priority List.  The NSC states, “The NSC has responsibility for regularly reviewing the national skills needs of Australia and producing a Skills Priority List (SPL).

The SPL provides a current labour market rating and a future demand rating for occupations nationally. Current labour market ratings are available for occupations at a state and territory level. The future demand rating (available nationally) is a proportional measure that expresses the prospects for an occupation relative to that occupation’s size.

Shearers, bakers, landscapers, arborists, as well as pet groomers and agricultural consultants are some of the occupations listed as having a national shortage with strong future demand. Agricultural technicians, farriers, nurserypersons and greenkeepers are occupations listed as having national shortage with moderate future demand.  Mix crop, poultry and pig farmers are listed as some of the occupations in national shortage with soft future demand.

A copy of the Report is attached and can also be downloaded from the following link:  NSC SKILLS PRIORITY LIST JUNE 2021

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