The Agrifood ITAB in partnership with the NSW Utilities and Electrotechnology ITAB and Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen (SALT) was successful in winning funding under the National Career Institute Partnership Grants Funding Round 3.

With a focus on women, the MAE (Manufacturing, Agrifood and Electrotechnology) Career Pathfinders Project developed current, relatable career information for the Manufacturing, Agrifood & Electrotechnology (MAE)  industries.  The resources contained information otherwise unavailable that was endorsed by the relevant industry stakeholders.

The project developed 9 industry specific showcase days, of which 2 were MAE industries combined. The showcase days included demonstrations from female industry leaders & practitioners. Industries that were showcased are:

  • food science & beverage manufacture: (food processing, industry 4.0, A/C, instrumentation)
  • combined MAE industries: (horticulture, aerospace, industry 4.0, electrical systems)
  • advanced manufacturing: (aerospace, industry 4.0, laboratory operations)
  • engineering: (fabrication, mechanical trade & industry 4.0)
  • agriculture: (beekeeping, pollination servicing, production horticulture, irrigation)
  • racing: (3 codes of thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing)
  • amenity horticulture: (landscaping, landscape design, arboriculture, production nursery)
  • utilities: (renewable energy, gas/hydrogen, systems control and HV switching/linework)
  • electrotechnology: (electrical, data communication, air-conditioning and refrigeration, instrumentation, process automation control)


The showcase days were a unique opportunity for interested women aged 16-64, careers advisors and influencers to attend and experience the industry first hand. In each Showcase Day attendees had the opportunity to:

  • meet and talk with female industry leaders
  • gain hands-on experience
  • access the latest career information
  • ask questions and have them answered by industry experts
  • register and reserve a place for obligation free opportunities to do work experience with local MAE industries
  • free networking opportunity

Career aspirants heard from leading female industry champions about career paths and opportunities. They were also able to have questions answered including income potential and working conditions. This was a unique model as it was set in a real industry environment and allows candidates, career advisors and influences to have access to industry leaders that would not ordinarily be available.

This model also, provided career aspirants with post showcase day work experience with an employer of interest or a region/metropolis in an area or location that was convenient to them. This arrangement was available because the Agrifood ITAB and Utilities and Electrotechnology ITAB had extensive, trusted relationships with employers across NSW.



The National Careers Institute Manufacturing, Agrifood and Electrotechnology (MAE) Career Pathfinders Project has developed an array of relatable and up to date career information resources for a range of occupations in the MAE industries.

Visit the MAE CAREER RESOURCE CENTRE page on this website to learn more about each of the MAE industries. As well, learn more about and explore a range of career and occupational information that will help you gain knowledge of the many opportunities and careers that are available to you and which you can choose and pursue.

You can download occupational career information such as Job Guides, Career Resources, Career Flow Charts and other supporting materials.