The Agrifood ITAB in partnership with the NSW Utilities and Electrotechnology ITAB and Manufacturing Skills Australia (NSW ITAB) and Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen (SALT) have been successful in winning funding under the National Career Institute Partnership Grants Funding Round 3.

With a focus on women, the MAE ( Manufacturing, Agrifood and Electrotechnology) Career Pathfinders Project will develop current, relatable career information for the Manufacturing, Agrifood & Electrotechnology (MAE)  industries.  The resources will contain information otherwise unavailable that will be endorsed by the relevant industry stakeholders.

The project will develop 9 industry specific showcase days, of which 2 will be MAE industries combined. The showcase days will have demonstrations from female industry leaders & practitioners. Industries that will be showcased are:

  • food science & beverage manufacture: (3 combined MAE industries: food processing, industry 4.0, A/C, instrumentation)
  • W/Sydney Parklands: (3 combined MAE industries: horticulture, aerospace, industry 4.0, electrical systems)
  • advanced manufacturing: (aerospace, industry 4.0, laboratory operations)
  • engineering: (fabrication, mechanical trade & industry 4.0)
  • agriculture: (beekeeping, pollination servicing, production horticulture, irrigation)
  • racing: (3 codes of thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing)
  • amenity horticulture: (landscaping, landscape design, arboriculture, production nursery)
  • utilities: (renewable energy, gas/hydrogen, systems control and HV switching/linework)
  • electrotechnology: (electrical, data communication, A/C, instrumentation)

Watch this space for updates of dates and venue for the showcase days:

The project will benefit the Manufacturing, Agrifood and Electrotechnology industries by increasing relevant, industry endorsed career data, strengthen partnerships & attracting new female candidates.

If you are a woman aged 16 – 64 and interesting in participating in the showcase days or wish to follow the developments of this project and career resources please email mae@agrifooditab.com.au or 0421830056.

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