The National Skills Commission (NSC) has released its most recent report on the analysis it has undertaken on the similarity of qualifications across all Training Packages.  Released on the 23 July 2021, it states, “This paper outlines the methodology used in the exploratory analysis of the similarity of VET courses across and within training packages in Australia. This analysis employed natural language processing to calculate similarity scores for each national VET qualification to all other qualifications across all training packages.

Read the methodology paper and explore the searchable dashboard to search for a qualification and see other similar qualifications, ranked in similarity from very high, to high, moderate and low.”

Access the Report HERE

The NSC is seeking feedback on the report

Readers are invited to provide feedback or suggestions for use cases, email

The interesting aspect of this report is that the NSC is using machine learning to help it handle large quantities of data in a way which could not be done with other techniques.   … “Machine learning techniques can also be applied to better understand the education and skills system to compare the similarity of qualifications. This paper analyses the similarities between VET courses across, and within, training packages in Australia. This has been done using natural language processing, which is a branch of machine learning, to calculate similarity scores.”  For more information on machine learning methodology uses visit:

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