A community Bee Futures Environmental Showcase day was held on Sunday the 27th of February 2022 at Old Bar on the Mid North Coast.

Despite heavy rain and potential flash flooding, over 30 community stakeholder participated in the event. Participants ranged from 5 years to 85 and ranged from young beekeeping enthusiasts to industry experts with over 45 years of experience. Some of the participants were from the Manning Valley Amateur Beekeeping Association and others from high schools from the region who were interested in introducing bee keeping and environmental sustainability to their curriculum. It is anticipated that some potential School Based Traineeships will result from the showcase day.

Many of the participants were first time beekeepers who were interested in starting or expanding their interest in beekeeping.

Some of the feedback from community participants regarding the the day included:

Many thanks for hosting the event – I thought it was great and I learnt a lot!”

“We have enjoyed today’s presentation immensely. We have learnt so much.”   

The next Bee Futures Environmental Showcase day will be held in Tamworth on the 26th March 2022.

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