An Amenity Horticulture Showcase Day was held at Andreasens Green production nursery at Kemp’s Creek on the 28th February 2019. Attended by over 50 students specifically interested in horticulture and careers advisers. Also in attendance was over 30 key industry stakeholders including LNA Master Landscapers NSW and ACT, Nursery and Garden Industry Association NSW and ACT , the Tree Contractors Association, the Department of Industry Training Services NSW and the NSW Department of Education. The NSW Apprentice of the Year 2017, Jordon Cahill was also in attendance and conducted a hands on workshop for participants. He can be seen here in the middle photo. Thanks Jordon,

Promoted widely, schools from across Sydney were in attendance with over 80 attendees it was deemed a great success. Over 28 students signed up for work experience between the 3 industry sectors of production nursery, landscaping and aboriculture. It is hoped that a hands on showcase day leading to work experience will provide a pathway for both school based apprenticeships as well as post school apprenticeships. Keen to showcase the industry in other parts of the state, the ITAB has been requested to replicate this model in other parts of Sydney as well as in rural and regional NSW.

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